Top 5 Films Not to Miss at BIFF

In just over a week, the Boulder International Film Festival kicks off its festivities. With the such a wide variety of films screening, it can be tough to figure out which are the festival’s must-sees.

Here are the top-five films that we think you cannot miss this year:

The end of the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin marks the beginning of four extremely talented bands’ cross-country tour to Boston. The documentary follows the musicians in their VW bands and illustrates the realities, hardships, and beauty that ensues on the road. Narrated by Gill Landry of Old Crow Medicine Show, the film is packed with immense talent and gives a peek into the very public personal lives of musicians on the road.

After two years of investigations headed by the Animal Defenders International, the South American circus industry came under serious scrutiny. This feature documentary follows the ADI as they attempt to save every animal, and track down the illegal circuses taking place in South America. This emotionally charged documentary will have viewers fully invested in the lives and well-being of the circus animals and will bring more awareness to the serious and often ignored issues surrounding animals today.

This feature film from the Czech Republic follows Anna, a gifted young sprinter, who qualifies for the 1984 Olympic games in Los Angeles. Her training includes a strict regimen of vitamins that improve her performance but induce side effects such as rampant body hair. Fair Play shows the sometimes-dark side of competition and illustrates the questionable regimens used in the Soviet Union to turn their athletes into gold-medalists. This film offers a new perspective to athleticism and competition and how it’s often undeniably tied to politics.

Academy Award nominee Song of the Sea is a feature animation that will amaze audience members of all ages. The beautifully illustrated film tells the story of the last seal girl and her brother who attempt to save the World of Magic. Based on an Irish legend, Song of the Sea features strong themes of family and is one viewers should be sure not to miss.

Award-winning documentary Of Men and War follows the personal lives of men who returned home from the Iraqi war. Many view war as the most intense experience one could endure, however this film shows the return home is often more trying. The documentary shows five years of discussions from a group of soldiers battling PTSD at The Pathway Home, one of the first therapy centers of its kind. The film helps those of who haven’t been to war gain a greater understanding of the commitment and sacrifices the men and women of our armed forces willingly make.

These films are not to be missed!