VIP Filmmakers’ Reception

At 4 p.m. on Saturday, Japango hosted the VIP Filmmakers’ Reception, where filmmakers and esteemed guests gathered for sushi, wine and delicious cocktails.

Brian McWhorter, Ri Stewart, and Renee Slade of “I Live For Art” were there. Filmmakers and guests mingled, and as the party continued attendees really started to let loose and show their true colors.

16722224526_4161fbf3f8_oJohn Bono, who was dressed as Rocky for opening night, was there with a fully healed eye and nicely cleaned up.  Greg Ash, filmmaker of “Mr. Invisible,” and Daniel Glick, filmmaker of “A Place to Stand” were spotted at the bar. “A Place to Stand” is showing on Sunday at 10 a.m. at the Boulder Theater. “Mr. Invisible” shows in the short film series at 3 p.m. at Boulder High School.


The Filmmakers’ Reception at Japango was a swanky, fun event that was packed until its end at 6 p.m.