Friday, March 27, 2020

Opening Night Film

On Broadway

USA, Feature Documentary, 2019, 84 min

In the late 1960s, Times Square was, as John Lithgow puts it, “a rathole, with wall-to-wall junkies and hustlers.” There were loads of empty Broadway theaters, and attendance plunged by 50 percent in just four years, reaching an all-time low in 1972. What turned it around? For anyone who loves theater, this 50-year history of Broadway is a joy, packed with legendary stars and performances. Key players—Helen Mirren, Christine Baranski, August Wilson, James Corden, Alec Baldwin, John Lithgow, Viola Davis, Hugh Jackman and Ian McKellen—take us behind the scenes of Broadway’s most groundbreaking shows, from “A Chorus Line” to “Hamilton.” The film includes performances by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Patti Lupone, Bernadette Peters, James Earl Jones and Mandy Patinkin.​ On with the show!

Director Oren Jacoby
Producer Oren Jacoby, Holly Siegel


PROGRAM LC-01 Friday, 7:00pm

Saturday, March 28, 2020

PROGRAM LC-02, Saturday, 10:00am


USA, Feature Documentary, 2019, 101 min


Dr. Marty Goldstein is the dog doc. He specializes in a holistic, whole-patient approach to treating animals—particularly those already diagnosed as “hopeless”—using alternative medicines along with traditional veterinary medicine. The care and love Marty shows his patients and their guardians offers an immersive view into a seldom seen world…and is something truly magical to watch.

Directed by Cindy Meehl


USA, Feature Documentary, 2019, 99 min

And We Go Green uses intimate character-driven storylines, behind-the-scenes vérité and thrilling race footage to thrust you into the drama of the climactic 2018/19 season of the electric street racing series. Featuring the most skillful drivers and advanced car manufacturers on unique tracks in the heart of the city, Formula E is exciting millions about the potential for electric performance to combat climate change and air pollution in our cities.

Colorado Premiere

From filmmaker Malcolm Venville, Oscar-winning director Fisher Stevens (The Cove) and producer Leonardo DiCaprio

PROGRAM LC-03 Saturday, 12:30pm

PROGRAM LC-04 Saturday, 2:45 pm


USA, Short Documentary, 2019, 47 min


Bring the whole family to experience the life-saving superpowers and bravery of some of the world’s most amazing dogs. Journey around the globe to meet remarkable dogs who save lives, working in disaster response, avalanche rescue, water rescue, and the fight to save endangered species in Africa.

Directed by Daniel Ferguson

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USA, Short Documentary, 2019, 39 min

Join this amazing adventure to save California’s enchanting Channel Island Fox, China’s fabled Golden Monkey and the wondrous migrating crabs of Christmas Island. Experience the remarkable true story of these three animal species as they are rescued from the brink of extinction.

Directed by Sean C. Casey


PROGRAM LC-05 Saturday, 5:00 pm


UK, Feature Documentary, 2019, 97 min

Her tearful hit song about lynching—”Strange Fruit in the Southern Trees”—landed Billie Holiday on J. Edgar Hoover’s enemies list for her lifetime. Now, this incredible film reveals newly discovered interviews about Billie Holiday—all conducted in the 1970s by journalist Linda Lipnack Kuehl. Linda recorded hundreds of interviews with the extraordinary characters that populated the singer’s short, tumultuous life. But Linda’s book was never finished, and the tapes were never heard…until now.

Directed by James Erskine


UK, Feature Documentary, 2018, 86 min

Grand Prize winner at the Banff Mountain Film Festival

Facing his future in retirement “sitting in deck chairs and eating lemon drizzle cake,” delightful 65-year-old piano tuner Desmond O’Keeffe decides to attempt the most perilous delivery of his career: transporting a 100-yearold classic upright piano from bustling London to a school in the remote heart of the Indian Himalayas. What could possibly go wrong? If successful, the expedition will be the highest piano delivery in history.

Directed by Michael Sulima (in person)
Produced by Jarek Kotomski (in person)

PROGRAM LC-06 Saturday, 7:15 pm


PROGRAM LC-07 Saturday, 9:30pm

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  • 8,000+
  • Broken
  • Par for the Course
  • Camel Finds Water
  • Aziza
  • Chasing the Sublime
  • Reel Rock 14: United States of Joe’s