Feeling the Dern at BIFF 2016

This year’s Career Achievement Honoree went to Bruce Dern. After the wonderful Cinechef at the Rembrandt Yard, attendees walked over to the Boulder Theater to watch an intimate special interview with Ron Botswick and Bruce Dern.

Bruce Dern is a film legend, and BIFF was so grateful to host such an inspirational actor join us this year. To kick off the tribute, a highlight reel featured some of Dern’s greatest roles. The reel highlighted a handful of films including the original Great Gatsby, Black Sunday, Coming Home, Django Unchained, and Nebraska, just to name a few. This reel only scratched the surface of Dern’s incredible contribution to the film world.

Dern, an avid talker, spoke about his history as a runner and the past few times that he has been to Boulder. He spoke on his trips to Estes Park and Tulagi’s restaurant. He spoke about Ralphie and CU’s reputation as a party school, which he admitted is what drew him to Boulder to begin with.

Dern summed up what acting means to him in a beautifully eloquent quote: “To me, acting is when you go out on stage, you flip that switch, and you start with your heart. You open it up and you share it with the audience. You show your experiences and who you are as a being and you share it with the crowd.” In this interview, it was clear how authentic of a man and actor Bruce Dern is.

Dern reflected on his time acting with Jack Nicholson and under the direction of Alfred Hitchcock. It was at this point that the true depth and poignancy of Dern’s career truly came to light. His in depth, personal stories illustrated the amazing relationships he created within the film world.

After a bit of a diatribe, in Bruce Dern fashion he muttered, “What the f*…where was I?” Dern’s interview showed how comfortable and down to earth he is. It was so easy for the audience to connect to him. His energy and manner was reminiscent of the favorite uncle.

Bruce Dern is an absolute inspiration and legend in the film industry. BIFF is so honored and grateful to present him with the 2016 Career Achievement Award. The audience was incredibly receptive and excited to share this intimate space with the astounding actor, Bruce Dern.