BIFF 2020 Call2Action Program

Written by Sofia Harris. Cinema can bring more to the audience than just entertainment. Great filmmaking has the ability to change lives and create growth in communities worldwide. The outreach that cinema has as a medium is unstoppable. Here at BIFF, we care deeply about the impact our films have on the Boulder community and the world. The Call2Action program embodies those values of conscious filmmaking.

Through the partnership of BIFF and many progressive organizations and, of course, the audience, we are able to bring about the Call2Action program. Once a film is recognized for its effectual content, the partners come in to promote it to the community. Collectively, they will bring five ways to help implement change into the area and the lives of the audience. 

After the film, a group discussion will open up to the public. BIFF attendees will have an incredible opportunity to connect with the filmmakers, while learning ways to enact real change. The Call2Action program and films are not to be missed! The chance to take action is just around the corner!

Gay Chorus Deep South: On a tour through the deep south, the SanFrancisco Gay Men’s chorus and the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir undertake a journey of more than just chior and performance. This documentary explores the power that music has to mend divisions of race, sexual identity and politics.

Toxic Beauty:This documentary dives deep into the toxicity of the beauty industry. What are the repercussions of using products with harsh additives? The US is heavily lacking in their banning of beauty industry chemicals, unlike Europe and Canada who have outlawed thousands of additives already. Through Toxic Beauty Mymy Nguyen shares with the world her personal wake up call that forced her to confront the harsh realities of the beauty industry.

The Euphoria of Being: Eva Fahidi survived the terror and tragedy of Auschwitz and returned home as the sole survivor of her family. In this touching documentary, Eva, in collaboration with two other women, shows the challenges and beauty of her life experiences through dance. It is the performance of a lifetime. 

Ai Weiwei: Yours Truly: Ai Weiwei, a famous Chinese activist, created “Yours Truly.” This art installation came together in Alcatraz prison, an unlikely place. This activist art piece came to be through the inspiration Weiwei received from his father’s imprisonment at a Chinese labor camp. This incredible installation shows the lives of people imprisoned for their championing for change.  

Maxima: When the American Newmont Mining Corporation stormed Máxima Acuña’s precious indigenous land, she took the world by storm. Her calling as a Peruvian farmer is to protect the High Andes and the indigenous people who have inhabited the region for as long as she can remember. Even through threats, violence and force, Máxima takes the mining corporation to court in hopes that she can save her beloved land and earth.

The Dog Doc: Dr. Marty Goldstein is not your traditional veterinarian. Instead of just giving up at conventional medicine, Dr, Goldstein looks at things through a holistic lens. Owners bring in their terminal pets with the hope that just one more day with them would be enough. The Dog Doc uses alternative medicine, along with traditional veterinary practices to change the lives of pets and owners alike.

The Story of Plastic: This powerful documentary exposes the truth about recycling plastic. What we have been told about the ability to recycle plastic has been a lie. The Story of Plastic shows a crucial timeline of the increasing lifeblood of the oil and gas industry. Fossil fuels and the inaccurate information the oil and gas industry has been feeding to consumers about recycling plastic has been detrimental to our earth, but this documentary is blowing the case wide open.  

Superpower Dogs: This heartwarming short documentary tells the tale of life changing dogs all over the world. This film takes the audience on a journey to discover the bravery and power our everyday pets can have. Not only does this feature dogs who are rescue experts, training for disaster response teams, lifeguards and more, but it shows the indescribable bond that humans can have with their animals. 

Back from the Brink: Saved from Extinction: Saved from Extinction: Although this documentary may be short, it exhibits the compassion of humans working to save endangered species in countries all over the world. It profiles three animals that people have helped to bring back into our ecosystem, the Channel Island Fox from the beautiful island of the coast of California, the elusive Golden Monkey from China and the intricate crabs of Christmas Island. 

Liv: Take a look into the millennial reality through this short documentary Liv. It uncovers the confusing and tumultuous experience of growing up in the age of social media. Liv herself is a millennial dealing with the weight of the world. She and her sister, Tess, share a closeness through their passion for performance. It has been said that, “The most creative is the most personal.” This statement holds true for this important film. 

The five steps for the Call2Action program for each film will be here shortly, along with details on the post film discussions… Stay tuned!