BIFF reporters, Gallery Two — Katelyn Hauge-Aldridge

James Franco flashes a smile on the way into the Boulder Theater for his tribute Saturday night.

Here are some more wonderful shots of BIFF in progress, taken Saturday in and around or venues, these taken by the promising young talent Katelyn Hague-Aldridge.

At the BIFF Filmmakers Panel (left to right) Directors Vadim Jendreyko (“The Woman with 5 Elephants”), Suzan Beraza (“Bag It!”), Don Hahn (“Hand Held”); panel moderator Brad Weismann; directors Jen McGowan (“Touch”), Christophe Fauchere (“Mother”), and Kurt Norton (“These Amazing Shadows”).
Director Don Hahn, who produced “Beauty and the Beast” for Disney, talks abut the very different experience of obtaining distribution for his independent documentary film, “Hand Held,” during the Filmmakers PAnel on Saturday.
BIFF Social Media Director and Filmmakers Panel moderator Brad Weismann calls for questions from the audience during the session.
Good times! Fun at the VIP Filmmakers Reception at Ted’s Montana Grill on Saturday night.
Henry Phillips (“Punching the Clown”), second from left, talks to BIFF attendees at the VIP Filmmaker Reception.
James Franco in conversation with BIFF’s Ron Bostwick on Saturday night.
Franco and Bostwick.
James Franco has a laugh during his interview on Saturday.