Call 2 Action answers moviegoers’ burning questions

By Jenn Callaway

How many times have you finished a compelling documentary wondering how you could play a part to make change within your own community?

Boulder International Film Festival differentiates itself from other film festivals by filling their marquee with films that make a difference. The Call 2 Action program provides moviegoers with options to utilize the fire these flicks tend to light in their viewers.

“Call 2 Action is based around films at BIFF that are more social or environmental-justice issue oriented. Then we provide an environment after the films for people to come and engage in a panel discussion in the Call 2 Action tent,” said Alicia Conte, Philanthropeace Coordinator and Call-To-Action Volunteer. “There’s food, a space to talk about the film you just saw and some steps you can take if you want to move from concern to action. Call 2 Action highlights the civic engagement in our local community and gives people the opportunity to act on their concerns.”

The program has been so successful, BIFF is now creating Call 2 Action toolkits and exporting them to other festivals.

“One thing I really like about the festival is the wide variety of community involvement with lots of local businesses, tons of volunteers. I feel like putting volunteers in a position to provide information and host an extended discussion in a Call 2 Action capacity is an excellent use of resources.” Erin O’Brien, moviegoer.

The snowy streets and everybody-knows-your-name feel helps BIFF stand out from other glitzy, swag-filled festivals by keeping eveyone warm and involved.

“Rather than swag, we have myriad events for filmmakers, filmgoers, ticket holders and the community to interact. In addition to parties and receptions, the filmmaker lounge allows Call 2 Action filmmakers to connect with interested moviegoers. We look at it as really building community around the film festival,” said Crystal Gray, Call 2 Action Coordinator.

Boulder is recognized as a community that takes the initiative to better the planet. Call 2 Action at BIFF is just a snapshot of that year-long effort. Learn more about Call 2 Action.