BIFF Kicks Off at the Boulder Theater!

After last night’s gala, the characters and attendees followed the CU Denver Claim Jumpers in a parade from the Rembrandt Yard and Hotel Boulderado down to the Boulder Theater. Pass holders, directors, producers, and the dressed-up characters marched to the big brass band sound.

En route, the parade passed the electrified racecar, projecting images of endangered species on the back of the courthouse building. The projection featured various at-risk animals from around the globe and displayed the species’ remaining number. The last projected animal was a photograph of a dead kaua’i o’o, with the number at zero. These projections are bringing awareness to citizens and also previewing the closing night film, Racing Extinction.


16110284523_a8f267df83_oOutside of the theater, stood three fierce audis (an official sponsor of BIFF). With the parade’s arrival came a myriad of dancing costumed characters on the red carpet. Two huge animated characters from “Home” danced and took pictures with fans. Willy Wonka spun dressed-up women around as he tapped his cane to the beat of the Claim Jumpers. Eventually all festival goers entered the theater and took pictures in front of the official Boulder International Film Festival red carpet screens and found their seats.

16729015011_9aa05c4003_oThe house was incredibly packed for opening night. The anticipation and excitement of the audience completely filled the venue. Sisters Robin and Kathy Beeck thanked all of the festival sponsors and welcomed everyone to the theater for the opening film, “The Wrecking Crew.” The film features the unsung heroes of the West Coast that backed up groups such as the Beach Boys, Simon and Garfunkel, and many, many more. As the film began, and reminiscent songs sounded, hoots from audience members resounded.

16542820020_0d5027d1e7_oBIFF is off to an incredible start with film fans anxiously looking forward to the rest of this long awaited weekend.