Happy Hour at Lazy Dog

Bethel Steele performing during the Happy Hour event.

Food, drinks, and music made for the perfect mid-afternoon happy hour event at the Lazy Dog, but none of it would have been possible without the vital support of the sponsors.

Audi and Spyder came together to support the Boulder International Film Festival

Audi Boulder and Spyder joined forces to bring festival goers together at the casual venue, while Kenny Lee Young strummed away on the guitar throughout the course of the event. Attendees couldn’t miss it with the Spyder decal wrapped Audi Q7 parked stoically in the front.

Girlfriend Duties put on an awesome set!

Audi marketing representative Craig David phrased it best when asked what cars get chosen to model at the event, “Just how you guys bring the best movies to the festival, we bring the best cars”. We would agree. Boulder Beer and Francis Ford Coppola provided beverages to pair with Lazy Dog’s food, a great compliment to the music-filled afternoon happy hour.