CineCHEF 2017


Ratatouille, Pulp Fiction, and La La Land were just some of the films represented in edible form at Friday’s evening festival event CineCHEF. The best chefs in Boulder competed for attendees top vote for the best dish of them all as guests mingled between sips of Boulder Beer and Francis Ford Coppola wine.

Miniature burgers and shakes were the edible depiction of film Pulp Fiction from famed restaurant Oak at fourteenth, handed to guests from no other than a perfectly costumed Mia Wallace.

Head chef Danial Asher served up smoked scallops, ceviche, and Peruvian chili for a coastal cuisine theme characterizing the cult comedy Up in Smoke. “With everything being so serious right now, we wanted to keep our theme and dishes fun and playful,” he said while prepping away in his red bandana-clad costume. Venue Rembrandt Yard was bursting with guests as the aroma circulated in the air embracing the perfect Friday evening affair.