Here’s Why You NEED To Head To VR @ Galvanize

by Andi Platt

Photo by Malone Images

In the mood for a little dance party? Visit Galvanize in downtown Boulder to dance in a virtual reality extravaganza! In this VR experience you will be surrounded by colorful, animated characters that are dancing to the beat of the music; when the colors change so do the characters goofy dance moves so you’ll never run out of dancing inspiration!

Two remotes will be given to you so that you can even get your arms moving and grooving. Don’t be startled when you look down to see your vibrant legs wiggling and jumping around! This is a virtual reality experience you seriously don’t want to miss and it’s perfect for kids and families to get their groove on.

After your virtual reality experience, grab a kombucha on tap or a coffee to quench your thirst. Hungry? They have great food options like avocado toast and chia pudding, too!