Holy (Un) Holy River – TalkBack

The talkback event for Holy (Un) Holy River brought with it a packed house and a ton of humility. The film stood as a stark reminder of the difference between developed countries, and areas that were struggling. More than that, though, it spoke of humanity and the driving, glowing for of people.

“The water body was dead, and it revived itself…the devout Hindus will say that is God, and scientists still can’t seem to totally figure it out”.

Director Pete McBride answered questions diligently and powerfully, explaining how the Ganges river is getting more and more polluted as time goes on, but is also almost magically-diluting and healing itself at the same time. He spoke of the film’s core – the river, around which the action is centered.

This river, twisting through a country that “has one foot in the modern world and one foot behind”, is a place where messages and public relations efforts to stop pollution do not create much action in turn. The seats at First Presbyterian Church were bursting with guests as Peter answered question after question, ending in a room full of applause and enlightened spectators.