RealD 3D Comes to Boulder Theater

It’s all smiles and sunshine at the Boulder Theater.  The street buzzes with excitement as a line of movie-goers young and old forms outside the entrance, awaiting the Boulder-debut of “Home”, a new film from DreamWorks Studios. The Boulder Theater has been outfitted with a digital projector, courtesy of Real3D, for this 3D feature. The 3D event was also made possible by Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Gary Sharp. 


Children, already wearing their 3D glasses, climb on snowbanks and wiggle with excitement, in the company of family and friends. The line has wrapped two full blocks around the corner from the entrance. Guests are assured  they will have a seat for the show. As movie-goers approach the front doors, characters from the movie greet them and pose for photos, building the excitement. These are the same purple aliens that escorted Tim Johnson, the director of “Home”, during the opening night gala.  Johnson will be speaking after the film.

Johnson and his alien friends are not the only special guests to join the screening. Bronco TJ Ward has arrived to see the film, bringing with him a number of lucky kids who benefit from the TJ Ward Foundation. The TJ Ward Foundation was established to empower underprivileged youth with the tools needed to transcend obstacles and lead active, fulfilling and successful lives.