This year-Best BIFF ever!

This year’s Boulder International Film Festival was the best in its eleven-year history. The weekend was filled with incredible films, attendees, activities, parties and discussions. BIFF provided a multifaceted forum that will continue to spark conversation for months to come.

Boulder is a perfect location for this festival. Colorado film is truly on the independent and international film map , and is becoming a phenomenon. This weekend had beautiful weather, reaching into the upper 40’s after a two-week stint of very low temperatures. Blue skies and sunshine-filled days made walking around the festival this weekend a delight.

DSC_4900In 2005, there were 5,000 people in attendance. This year, there was an estimated 25,000. The fast-growing festival has become increasingly high-tech with the use of TINT, Facebook, Instagram, and more. TINT has been running all weekend and shows posts from multiple social media platforms that used “ #2015BIFF.” The TINT scroll was on various screens at all of the venues. Attendees enjoyed seeing their posts on the big screen while anxiously waiting for the next amazing film to start. The projections from the racecar this weekend were stunning. Check out some footage of the racecar driving around Boulder and Denver.


Boulder is also an incredible food destination, in reality foodie heaven.  CineCHEF this weekend was a delicious event featuring local chefs’ creations, inspired by their favorite movies. This year, Salt’s Bradford Heap took home the top CineCHEF prize. Japango’s VIP filmmaker reception had delicious sushi and amazing creative cocktails.

The parties at BIFF this weekend were fantastic. An 80’s themed BIFF after-dark fete took place at Oddfellows Hall.  Great 80’s music and costumes filled the venue. Food from LYFE Kitchen and other local restaurants was available most of the evening. Boulder Beer and Doctor D supplied delicious beverages for attendees. Film enthusiasts really let go on the dance floor for the B.A.D party. Next year, this is definitely an event NOT to miss. CU@BIFF also provided an awesome forum at Shine for students to come together and discuss films. Campus’ involvement with the festival is definitely growing.

The Q&A sessions and talk-back opportunities are another part of what makes BIFF so unique. Being able to hear from climber Jeff Lowe and his family, after watching an extremely inspirational and emotional film, was powerful. The opportunity to hear from the filmmakers themselves after watching their masterpiece made the film much more real to the audience.

An evening with Alan Arkin shed light on his remarkable career in film. His humble, relaxed demeanor made Boulderites fall in love with him as an actor and person, if they hadn’t already.

16724956116_0c5dcd5583_oRacing Extinction was the closing night feature and immensely moving to audience members. The pressing issues of saving our oceans’ creatures became much more relevant and understandable for audiences.


BIFF is an amazing festival that is growing and maturing. The crowd’s demeanor matched the beautiful weather: pure bliss! This festival continues to improve and dazzle attendees more each year.  Boulder is a beautiful location to visit, and BIFF provides the perfect reason to travel here.